1536941471_f26f3c4b12_b.jpg67289758_3a15fdb3df_m.jpgIdeas for celebrating 100days of school!

What special/unique activities have you done with your class to celebrate 100 days of school?
Hopefully this wiki will be a great resource bank of tried and tested fun ideas!

This is n open wiki so please feel free to click on "edit" and add your ideas, files and photos!
Please also leave your name, state/country and class blog/website if you have one :)

Activity Ideas

  • 100 Link Chain
    Materials: Construction paper cut into 1" by 9" strips, tape, measuring tape
    Pre-cut 10 strips of 10 different colors of construction paper. Have students link them together, keeping each set of colors together. Link each set of 10 together then they can count by ones and tens to get to 100. Also, take the chain in the hall, take guesses about the length and measure the chain

  • Have the kids draw pictures of what they think they will look like when they are 100

  • Have a 100 museum where each student brings in a display of 100 of something

  • Have the kids make 100 piece trail mix by having ten different items they will have to put 10 of each in a ziploc bag: peanuts, m & m's, cheerios, pretzels, marshmallows, etc...
  • 100 seconds of... (dancing, silence etc.)

  • Sing 100 bottles of MILK on the wall

  • As a class, try to make lists of 100 animals, 100 names, 100 foods, 100 books, 100 toys etc o

  • Randomly select 100 words from the dictionary and see how many different (gramatically correct) sentences can be written using them (sadly, it may prove to be infuriatingly hard to exhaust the potential of those 100 words)

Other Ideas


Videos about 100

Student 100 Day Celebrations

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